Meet the Maker

Heya Moon Lovers ! My name is Layla and I am the face behind Over The Moon.

I am originally from France, but left home 11 years ago to travel for 5 years in Asia and South/Central America. During that time I completed a university degree in languages (English + Spanish), became a Dive Master and a Yoga Teacher. 7 years ago I settled in Revelstoke, BC and became a permanent resident of Canada.

Designing and creating jewelry makes me feel calm and grounded in contrast with my "other life" of a rock-climber/skier/surfer. I love being outside and pushing my physical limits. In the mountains or on the beach, taking my adventures further and higher makes me feel alive.

I live in a beautiful house with 3 amazing and loving roommates.

My last name means "rocks" which is a funny coincidence when you learn my passion about minerals and crystals.

I am an introvert and my first markets were a real challenge! Also I dislike my French accent and I do my best everyday to expand my vocabulary and improve my English.

I am in constant brainstorming mode about new jewelry designs. I get inspired while playing in the outdoors or traveling. Textures, colours, materials, contrast, you name it. I have my own definition of aesthetics and I think that beauty is in the details.