Meet the Maker

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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my website! My name is Layla, the face behind Over the Moon.

I am originally from France, but left home 9 years ago to travel for 5 years in Asia and South/Central America. During that time I completed a university degree in languages (English + Spanish), became a Dive Master and a Yoga Teacher. 4 years ago I settled in Revelstoke, BC and recently became a permanent resident of Canada!

Over the Moon originally started as AlpenGems, which was created 2 1/2 years ago. I rebranded last summer after experiencing major changes in my life. After two years of running this creative business my style evolved and I wanted a professional look to my branding that was more in line with my product.

The name Over the Moon came to me after unaccountable hours of brainstorming and debating."Layla" means "starry night" in Arabic and Hebrew and the Moon and stars have always reminded me of these warm summer nights of the South of France when I spent hours stargazing.

The Moon is tightly connected to the tides which symbolizes the flow of life.

My zodiac sign is Cancer which is a water sign with the Moon as its ruling planet.

The most efficient way to cleanse your crystals is to lay them out in the light of the full Moon.

Over the Moon's acronym, OM is also a sacred sound and is known as the sound of the Universe.

So many meanings behind this name, which is also why it matters so much to me to be creating meaningful jewelry. Something special that reminds you what you are Over the Moon for ◓.


A bit more about me :

☽ Designing and creating jewelry makes me feel calm and grounded in contrast with my "other life" of a rock-climber/skier/surfer. I love being outside and pushing my physical limits. In the mountains or on the beach, taking my adventures further and higher makes me feel alive.

☽ Last September I moved into a new house with 4 amazing and loving roommates and for the first time in 9 years I feel like I am living with a family.

☽ My last name means "rocks" which is a funny coincidence when you learn my passion about minerals and crystals.

☽ I am an introvert and my first markets were a real challenge! Also I dislike my French accent and I do my best everyday to expand my vocabulary and improve my English.

☽ I am in constant brainstorming mode about new jewelry designs. I get inspired while playing in the outdoors or traveling. Textures, colours, materials, contrast, you name it. I have my own definition of aesthetics and I think that beauty is in the details. ✨